How To Install Wiring in A New House?

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Let’s talk about installations of authentic wires in your newly constructed precious house. This task is very important and should be done genuinely. Electrician Gilbert can help you out at this task. Don’t forget to purchase the best quality wires/cables and other electrical parts. Check for their guarantee and warranty. Don’t fall for cheap products that, do not met the state authority’s safety guidelines. Your safety is foremost after all. Following fundamental guidelines properly is crucial during wiring. Plan your home automation in this phase only. It will save you from any unnecessary charges in the future.

Save your money and time both by considering these key points-
  • First things first, run the most extensive long wires at the initial opening stage. The wire left out in your spool can be used at smaller distances later on. If you go wiring according to the location you will end up wasting a lot of wires later on. As, the small wires left in the wire spool in this process will be left over and prove to be of no use.
  • Secondly, run the wires towards lower floors from higher floors. By this you can put all the wires without using a ladder. You will end up in the basement easily this way.
  • Next, place all your junction boxes and electrician boxes very wisely. Actual wiring process is very tricky. You can take the previously installed boxes as a guideline for this task. In any confusion you can consult your electrician. Don’t install without being sure. You can damage your new constructions otherwise.
  • Hereafter, make sure you don’t install junction boxes in the very corners of your rooms. During this work double check the installations. You can’t install two of these metal boxes on a same wall stud. The wall studs are an important part of the framing of your house. Don’t burden a stud both sides with an electrical box.​
  • Now, mark where an electrical box is supposed to be placed. This will be helpful in installing of rest of the wires. You can fix the electrical boxes yourself.
  • Further, it’s time to cover the wiring of the smaller areas. Use the small parts left in your wire spool now. Planning everything beforehand is very useful in wiring to save its costs
  • This is a basic rule to be followed here and it is to, allow at least 30 centimeters of additional wires in each wiring line. This can prove to be highly beneficial in cases where you have to bring changes in the end.
  • Drill rule- Before drilling check the points carefully. You don’t want to drill through your ductwork or a water pipe. Precautions prove to be beneficial.
  • Now, the wiring you will install should not be aligned in a way where it comes side by side to the high voltage main power lines. If you are struck at this kind of situation hiring a professional electrician is recommended.
  • Other than this, consider running the wires where no one will put a nail in future. Avoid running wires straight through a central part of the wall for the same reason.
  • Labeling is a crucial part in the whole wiring project. It is good to understand what they reach to easily.
  • Stapling is recommended at this stage. Secure all the wiring you have installed till now. HVAC installations should be considered as well.
  • If you want to place audio system, don’t do it yet. The other technicians can damage them if you get them installed so early. Let the painter move out first. After that you are good to place all your faceplates and outlets. In wall speakers are installed now. And before the workers move in, put the lose wire ends in the closet. Otherwise, your wires might get covered in paint.


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