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Since the first bulb was invented, there have been many modifications in our house bulbs. Nowadays a large variety of lights are available in the market. They have a different way of functioning and works on different efficiencies. Different lights can create beautiful effects in your home. You can make your home beautiful and save electricity if you know about various types of lights.

Let’s understand the different types of lights that can be installed at your home by our trained Electrician Gilbert and special specifications of such lights are given below:
  • Incandescent lamps– These are the old style bulbs which were used in the past. They consume a lot of energy. Most of the energy is converted into heat energy in incandescent bulbs. They come in a variety of voltages and shapes. The bulb produces light when the electricity is passed through the tungsten filament. This filament is present in the nitrogen gas or in the vacuum. The big disadvantage of these bulbs is that the filament inside them heats up causing the bulb to get warm making it to break and burn. Due to this reason and high consumption of energy, they are now replaced by CFL and LEDs.
  • CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamps)– They are modern than incandescent lamps. They have mercury which is toxic and cause harmful effects when disposed of. CFL uses less energy in comparison to the traditional incandescent lamp. They last longer. The CFLs have loops and are not compatible with dimmers.
  • Halogen Lamps– Halogen lamps have tungsten filament which is placed in a tube filled with inert gas or with a small amount of halogen. They are smaller and brighter than traditional lamps. Like CFLs, they also last for a longer duration.
  • LEDs– They are the most popular these days because they are highly efficient. When electrons are moved in the semiconductor devices, LED light is generated. Unlike the previous lamps, they lack the filament and use very less power. They are durable and come with a long lifespan. Semiconductor diode can produce the light of any color without using the color filters. The only disadvantage is that they are costly. They are good to use if you intend to save a lot of energy. They also work best with the dimmer.
  • Metal halide lamps– They have discharge tube or arc tube in the bulb. Like CFL they too contain mercury. They produce very bright light so they are used in the big halls, stages, and outdoor lights. They are mainly used for commercial purpose. The mercury present in them is toxic to the human body.
  • Neon lamps– They are gas discharging lamps filled with neon gas at a low atmospheric pressure. When current is passed through the two electrodes present in the lamp, it starts to glow by ionizing the gas. They can work at a low voltage.
  • Sodium lamps– Low-pressure sodium lamps are the most efficient among all the other lamps. They work like a fluorescent bulb but they take their time to reach to full brightness. They are used in outdoor areas and parking area.
According to the function and their placement, the lights can further be divided into:
  • Ambient lights– This type of lights spreads the soft glow without creating any harsh glare. It makes the room light as natural and as soft as possible. Ambient light is not ideal for the work where attention is needed to the details or to highlight particular space in your home. The examples of ambient lighting are – recessed lights, Wall Sconces, Chandeliers and pendant lights.
  • Task lights– They lit up a small area and have a concentrated light. Your desk lamps or table lamps are considered task lights.
  • Accent lights– This is very concentrated light which is used to draw the attention to a particular space of the room. They are used during art exhibitions and for the book displays.


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