Tips To Lower Your Electricity Bills

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The mounting electricity bills can break the backbone of your monthly budget. Let’s bring it down by following these easy to follow steps:

  • Firstly, get regular maintenance services of your major electrical appliances by Electrician Gilbert. These include the refrigerator, freezers, air conditioning units, water heaters, dryers, furnace and other major electrical appliances. You can do a few maintenance acts yourself. Start with cleaning the coils of your refrigerator and freezer. This will increase its efficiency and it will consume lesser electricity to perform. Move on to cleaning the filters of your air conditioner and furnace. Replace the filters if required. Then, remove the lint from the dryer unit.
  • Secondly, you can consider to switch your electricity supplier or the contract. Search for suitable plans according to your usage and budget. Plus, you get little discounts when you pay online to certain companies. You have to monitor your usage and bills for this step.
  • Thirdly, you can opt for the meters and schemes which charge you according to the time when you use the electricity. In such schemes, you get charged higher during the peak hours. Same way, the charges of off-peak hours are lower. Now, try to use the main high voltage electrical appliances during the off-peak hours. For instance, do the laundry and washing during this time period.
  • Fourth suggestion is very basic and logical. It is to turn off the electrical appliances while they are not at use. Turn off the lights, fans, air conditioners and other appliances while you are not in the room. Turn off the switches when they are not in use for energy losses. A lower electricity bill will be your reward. Teach this to your kids and other members of the family of the house. Make this a mandatory task. This saving will be beneficial for future generations as well.
  • Fifthly, go for the devices that have high star ratings for energy efficiency. They will save electricity for you. Then, don’t buy unnecessarily bigger appliances or appliances that have more power usage. For instance, buy air conditioners according to the space of your rooms. Replace normal lights with a CLF bulb. They give the desired amount of light in lower usage of electricity. Try to use fluorescent bulbs wherever possible. Your switches can contribute in this as well. For this install modern switches. They have sensors and work according to your presence and absence in a particular area. Automation can help you save on utility bills you see.
  • Sixthly, you can change the way you use your appliances to save on your bills. Use fans instead of an air conditioner during the colder hours of the day. Turn off the air conditioner while no one is home. Cover the windows and doors properly so that, limited sunlight enters. While the air conditioner is working make sure the doors, windows are closed. This will help to achieve the desired temperature quickly. Reset the thermostat settings as well. Limit your electricity usage by not using the dryer. Instead, dry your clothes by the conventional methods.
  • Seventhly, use limited hot water. You can take showers with it. Get laundry and other utensil washing done with normal water only.
  • Altogether: Your PC can contribute as well if you optimize it wisely. Keep a shorter time for it to go on sleep mode while not in use. During daytime, use the natural light at a place of artificial one. Usage of the fridge in a smarter way can also bring down the electricity bill. Don’t keep it’s a door open for long intervals. Labels can be placed so that you can locate food easily in a short time frame.


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