Tree Roots And Underground Pipes Clogging

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Do you want a comfortable yard completely filled with shade trees in summer and a foliage show in fall? Trees are known to be a beautiful add on to your house’s landscape. However, like with lots of things in life, maintaining trees comes with some price—in this situation, occasional maintenance cost.
You possibly know the significance of keeping tree branches trimmed from your roof. However, did you know that roots growth can spell trouble for your house’s plumbing in case left unchecked ever?

Why tree roots create issues for pipes?

Plants require organic nutrients to grow, and tree’s thin roots seek such nutrients out.
To any tree, your house’s underground sewer lines are basically a highway of fertilizer. If your pipes have a small leakage, feeder roots from close by trees may detect the weak spot and grow deliberately into any gaps or holes in pipes. Such hair-like roots could run along interior of the pipes, and ultimately multiply to point of blocking the pipe fully.
Root hairs also may grow into water mains or drain pipes in search of any drink. This procedure speeds up during winter months if tree doesn’t receive the same quantity of moisture it get in summer.
Root invasion especially is common for old pipes made of concrete or clay and have many more cracks. PVC pipes are actually more watertight and thus less probable to attract any roots.

Signs of root clog in drain or sewer lines
  • Frequent, unexplained blockage in sinks, tubs, or toilets
  • Gurgling sounds
  • Frequent toilet backups
  • Water slowly draining from the sink or tub
Signs of root clog in main water lines
  • Lower water pressure
  • Gradual drop in amount of available water
  • Banging or gurgling sounds
Signs of major breach in sewer or water line

Sometimes, the tree roots eventually may crush or crack the pipes, resulting in an entire new set of issues:

  • Sudden drop of available water.
  • Immediate dip in the water pressure
  • Banging or Whistling sounds from the pipes
  • Sudden boost in water bills in spite of normal water use
  • An offensive smell in your basement or yard
  • Puddle of water in your yard
Preventing plumbing issues because of tree roots

Certainly, the easiest solution will be to just not have any trees inside your yard—but lots of homeowners would miss beauty they offer. Below are some things you can actually do to keep the pipes thriving in a landscaped yard thoroughly:

  • Ensure to water and fertilize plants regularly so that they do not get desperate for any other nutrients source.
  • When planting any new shrubs or trees, find where your water and sewer lines are and avoid planting near these.
  • Prevent planting the trees with aggressive roots systems particularly, like willows, holly, and oaks.
  • If the pipes are older, have them checked out for issues and replace them if required.
  • If you see any draining issues mentioned above, have a licensed plumber find the issue sooner than later.

Be active with plumbing

If you think that you have an issue with the tree roots interfering in with your plumbing systems, contact Plumber Gilbert who will come and get you a look at the issue. Using specialized cameras that can run via your water lines, they will be capable to tell you if roots are developing inside your pipes or otherwise blocking or distorting it. Once they know the issue, they can recommend a perfect solution.
And in case they do find a problem and have to replace the pipes, they might not even need to dig up your landscaping to do it, big thanks to the minimally invasive trenchless drains replacement methods. ​


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